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Hello everyone, I’m Lovro Maričić. I’m an interactive designer living in Zagreb (Croatia) , specialized in UI and UX design for web and mobile apps. Currently I'm working at Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT Group). I have insane passion for music,gadgets and science fiction, hint (press ctrl+shift)

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What i do

• Web Development • Layout design • Flash Development • Flash Banners • HTML5 Banners • Mobile aplications • Wordpress • Logo & Visual Identity • Google AdWords • Search Engine Optimization • Audio production

How i work

I believe that every business has its soul and my job is to find that essence and bring it to life. This magic would not be possible if I wasn't enthusiast for new technology, latest trends and of course for beauty.

What i love

Always trying to create new trends, functional and cost effective solutions. My goal is to improve your web communication!

Some featured work

A collection of recent projects that I have been involved in.

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Sinestezija Studio, Kranjčevićeva 5, Zagreb

M: +385 91 769 74 73

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